E-bikes are normal bikes fitted with a battery powering a motor, which will assist your own pedalling effort.


As their popularity has grown, so has the UK market and with so many brands offering different E-bikes we want to make sure you have the very best available to demo and purchase.
An electric bike is perfect for you if you want the freedom and benefits of cycling, but would like a little extra assistance. Modern electric bikes open up so many possibilities whether you want to get out of the car on your commute or you might have troubled joints, aches or pains. Developments in technology also mean that e-bikes make even the toughest terrain possible.

Whether it’s a longer ride on the saddle or a  technical climb you just cannot get up, e-bikes offer you that little extra support.

Our Riders at CycleExpo are huge fans of E-bikes and believe you can still get all the benefits of riding your bike, whilst making cycling easier and even more enjoyable.
We’ve created an ebike zone in Hall2 offering the very best brands in the industry, as well as some you may not be so familiar with.
Along with the E-Zone, we have 2 dedicated demo zones specifically for the e-bikes.

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